Psalms Commentary in Malayalam (2014)
A commentary of the 150 psalms in Malayalam with an introduction and glossary.
813 pages. Crown 1/4 size. Paper Back. Price Rs 725.00
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Beyond Borders: Challenging Boundaries of Philosophy, Faith and Education. A Collection of Essays edited with Grace Jacob (Bangalore: Primalogue, 2010).
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Fruit of the Spirit: A Study of Galatians 5:22-23. Based on the Bible Studies on Power Vision TV channel.

Transmission of Biblical Texts in Qumran, (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2000).
This book explores the nature of scribal changes in the large Isaiah Scroll (1QIsa). The book offers detailed examination of the harmonizations, explications and modernizations of the text of Isaiah by the Qumran Scribe. The scribal changes in the manuscript betray the conceptual milieu of the scribe and the various facets of this milieu are elaborated upon.
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Associate Editor: Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, vol. 2 (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1994)
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Translator: Vinson Synan In the Latter Days (Malayalam), (Kottayam: Good News Publications Society, 1992).
"Isaiah, Commentary on" in Southern Asia Bible Commentary, forthcoming.

Books in Malayalam
"The Doctrine of Scripture" in Pentecostal Theology (Tiruvalla: Readers Publications, 1999)

Psalms. A Commentary Part 1 (Pune: Fountain Press, 2004).

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Being the light of the world

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