Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Human Possibilities and Divine Potentials

“Take stock of your talents, skills and experience. What are you good at. That is what you should focus on and that is the direction that you should take.” This is a standard advice given to young people who seek direction in their life and career. The best career is something that is in line with what you are good at. No one can question the wisdom in this and that is true when every person is on his own with no help coming from anywhere else.

However, the stories of God’s dealing with individuals in the Bible tells us that when God takes control of a person he takes them beyond their abilities. Moses is a typical example. God called him to do a job where a lot of talking was involved- reasoning, negotiating, teaching, and the list goes on! But when God called him he was not eloquent and was a man who stammerred. God takes that man with speech impediment and takes him beyond that limitation.

What about the «unschooled» fisherman who followed Jesus? For example, Peter turned out to be a great preacher and gave some crucial sermons. Their wisdom surprised the scholars at the Sanhedrin (Acts 4:13). God does not look at what we are but what we could be. Being our creator he knows best what he can turn out to be. He will equip us for that and takes us beyond our own limitations.

Trust God to take us beyond our present capabilities to his possibilities.

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